‘Thank you is not enough. Without your patience & support I would never have come this far. You have taught me that it’s OK to not be OK & it’s not selfish to think about me. You have been amazing.’ WH

Just a little note to say thank you so much. You have made me think of my life and experiences in a different light & it has given me greater understanding of myself. Thank you.’ LB

Thank you for all the help and time you have given me. You have helped me so much. I really appreciate it. Forever thankful.’ YO (Age 13)

‘Many thanks go to Rebecca for all her time and patience with me. I felt really at ease and could tell her anything knowing that I would not be judged. She is very kind and attentive. I struck gold when I found her.’ SL

‘Rebecca was so supportive at what has been the worst time of my life. I will never forget her.’ MT