‘Thank you is not enough. Without your patience & support I would never have come this far. You have taught me that it’s OK to not be OK & it’s not selfish to think about me. You have been amazing.’ WH

‘I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough. Not only is she warm and calm, Rebecca really listens to what is said and responds with a great deal of thought. To feel heard, without judgement, has been a wonderful experience, allowing me to learn about myself in a way that has changed my life. Working together, Rebecca and I tested a multitude of strategies, to find what worked best for me. I have not looked back since. Thank you so much Rebecca, for everything.’ EB

‘The sessions were helpful as I got to vent my feelings well and have guidance with the problems that I was experiencing. They did meet my goals because I know that they will help me in the future, for example, being more open with my parents. Also, I think that you helped me a lot with my friendships. The guidance that you gave me let me be able to cope with relationships in a better, more positive way. As my first ever time trying out counselling, I genuinely believe that the sessions were helpful. I felt comfortable and confident to be able to express my feelings, knowing that I will receive good support every session :))’ EC (Age 15)

‘Personally I found that attending counselling was one of the best decisions I could have possibly made for myself, and I am truly grateful for your part in this from approach to the end. I think above most, your patience and soft approach really helped me tackle the ‘day to day’ difficulties I faced, whilst also navigating through my more challenging past difficulties. I couldn’t possibly think of anything I would do differently. Overall I set out to feel more confident in my own feelings, and not to feel that I was at full emotional capacity, and I truly think I have managed that.’ JT

‘I have never had counselling before but my main goal was to be able to cope with my grief better and I think this was achieved. Counselling for me was a positive experience and I found it a source of learning about myself and others. I was impressed with your history taking of my large family and how you integrated my relationships with them into counselling. Thank you so much for all the help you gave me in dealing with my loss.’ MD

‘Thank you for all the help and time you have given me. You have helped me so much. I really appreciate it. Forever thankful.’ YO (Age 13)

‘Rebecca was so supportive at what has been the worst time of my life. I will never forget her.’ MT